20 August 2008


Traveling to foreign countries helps you to realize a lot of things that are missing from your own. Some would think that Canada is not much different than the US, but it is! I spent a week over there and I learned that Montréal is like a whole other world. The US should take some tips.

Late running Metro
This is pretty much awesome for those late drunken nights out. Random fact: the Metro runs on rubber tires so it's quieter than the average subway system ;)

Food of the Fat Gods. Fries. Cheese curds. Gravy. Orgasm.

Deserves it's own post, but instead it's immortalized in a shirt that I had made:

Creative swear words
French Canadians and their religious references...


Used as swear word (common in french Canadian slang) 'Tabarnak' has a variety of uses. It has nearly become an equivalent to "fuck" and its derivatives in how it is used. It can be used as an insult (when adressing someone),or to overstate/amplify an emotion/state of mind, or to express surprise-disgust, etc.

Mon/le -tabarnak- (in keeping with the fuck reference: you/that -fucker-) ~insult~

C'est beau en -tabarnak- (It's -fucking- pretty) ~to amplify, overstate~

tabarnak! (fuck!) ~to express surprise in response to a comment, for example~

Underground city

Basically an underground mall of awesomeness. Great alternative to a bat cave for those superhero women who enjoy retail therapy. Like me.

Chez Cora
Amazing breakfast, hands down. A fine example of their waffles...

Lower drinking age
Self-explanatory... :D

I've learned a lot about myself and the world... and had the time of my life.

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