10 June 2009


I'm really bad at keeping up with this at the moment. Well, when have I ever been good at keeping up with it?

Seems that Twitter has been more my style lately. Micro-blogging is easy, fast... blips of my thoughts... yeah I can keep up with that. I guess a blog could function as an outlet for expanding upon ideas more than 140 characters ;)

Seems that when I think of something great to write though, I stew on it for too long, and tear it apart so much that I don't even want to expand upon it any longer! :|

For now I could fill this space with a couple recent happenings:

1. I still work for AT&T.

2. I've been getting back into my painting A LOT. I will upload some of my pieces now :)

IN CONCLUSION, I won't apologize for the lack of posts!! Follow me on Twitter! Go! Go NOW! Ok bai.

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